Welcome to my blog:
Matters Condensed

February 22 2022

Welcome to my blog: Matters Condensed

Welcome to my blog, Matters Condensed! This is where I will be posting about a variety of topics I am interested in, ranging from physics (you've got me, mostly condensed matter and quantum information) to music, cooking, and other interesting tid-bits (but never politics). I will also write about my graduate school experience as it unfolds. If you want to put a face to a name, or just learn a bit about me, do checkout the rest of my website.

You can expect me to regularly post once a month, although I may post more often if a blog forms part of a series if I'm at a workshop or if something resonates with me. On the other hand, I may also post less frequently, depending on time constraints.

My main motivation for writing a blog is to practise my writing. I'd love to learn and share something new in the process. The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone, you don't have to agree. I'd love to hear your opinion, and suggestions to improve the post and also my writing style (but please be polite and respectful!).

The blog will mature as I grow as an academic, so I will have to update and revise the blog's focus. One potential bi-weekly short column that I would definitely be interested in writing about would be summarizing the arXiv papers that caught my attention in those two weeks. These summaries would mostly be skewed to my field in condensed matter and quantum information (theory and experiment), but I will try my best to find papers with broad interest too.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me and follow me on Twitter.